Maggie Ma, Architecture ’04


Architecture 2004 | Director, MSY Engineering Ltd. | Email

Maggie is a contractor in training at her family building foundation business after practicing architecture at leading design offices in Hong Kong for 5 years.  Her interest in environmentally conscious design leads to a Master degree in Sustainable and Environmental Design from the CUHK  and she is also a recognized LEED AP at the USGBC.  While attending to her family business and involving in other public and charity works, Maggie is also a Member of the Jianmen Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the founding partner at Design Trademark, a design consultancy group. 

My favorite hangout at Rhode Island

is during spring and summer – outdoor tables at the Cable Car Cafe with a coffee, tuna melt and my comrades from the BEB. For the winter, it’s always the breakfast place on Wickenden St.  It’s almost a ritual for me to have a nice breakfast there on the first day of snow every year!

My vivid memory of RISD

is taking Christopher Ho’s class for the second time after 4 years.  I took his class during my freshmen year and I was really too fresh to understand any of the contemporary art theories.  So of course I didn’t do too well in that class.  During my fifth year I was determined to give his other class a second try and it was the most inspiring class ever!   Chris actually remembers me while taking attendance and surprised by how 4 years went by so quickly!  It’s my vivid memory of RISD because I can see and feel how I’ve mature and grown up as a designer at the school! (I got an A in my second attempt btw :D)

My advise(s) to prospective students

is go crazy, ask question, try and see and touch everything around you!  You are going to be surrounded by the most inspiring, interesting, fascinating, talented and amazing people so don’t miss your chance!

What occupies me now

Too much! 

My next big move

Take over the world!  WATCH OUT!


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