Rex Wong, Architecture ’03


Architecture 2003 | Executive Director, Kum Shing Group | Email

Rex worked with several leading architectural design consultancies in Madrid, New York and Hong Kong before becoming the real estate development & corporate communication guy for his family’s 50 years young construction business.  He is a Registered Architect in the US and recognized as a LEED AP and BEAM Pro for keeping up with the latest in sustainable design.  In addition to his professional life, Rex also serve the public at the local and regional level by being a Part-time Member of the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong SAR Government and a Member of the Guangzhou Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

My favorite hangout at Rhode Island

went from the RISD Beach to the RISD Farm over the 5 years while there.  I think the Beach stands for attention and a kind of comfort zone, while the Farm stands for solitude and an adventurous attitude.  It sort of reflect the mental journey I was going through at the time.  One can become very humble yet daring at RISD when surrounded by so many talents.  Btw, the RISD Beach is not really a beach, it is just a 5,000 square feet public space on the intersection of Benefit Street and Angell Street covered with grass.20331591-RISD_Beach20331528-RISD_Farm 

My vivid memory of RISD

is the contrast between feeling exhausted after an all-nighter and the boost of energy just before a crit.  Also hard to forget is the emptiness after a good crit.

My advise(s) to prospective students

is to take the Liberal Arts classes more seriously.  While I agree with the saying that studio culture is the most important part of the RISD experience, I personally feel that I have gained just as much if not even more from RISD’s excellent liberal arts curriculum.  From philosophy and history to literature and writing, I have discovered so much knowledge in these areas and become a better thinker and writer during those years.  Also, I will suggest not to be afraid to take full advantage of Brown’s offering in the field of economics and international relations.  It’s really common sense stuff but worthwhile to learn what’s all the buzz about.

What occupies me now

is trying to convince everyone I come across (including myself) to pay more for better design. 

My next big move

is to Alaska.  Just kidding.


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