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With an international upbringing that spans from Hong Kong, Sydney to San Francisco, jewelry designer Pearl Ng began her journey with her Bachelor’s studies with The Rhode Island School of Design in Industrial Design. Having studied art since a young age, Pearl won numerous awards locally in San Francisco in paintings and sculptures, and began selling her artworks and jewelry since high school. RISD was a clear first choice for her passion in design when she was entering college.

At RISD Pearl had the opportunities to study with iconic and celebrated designers and educators such as Mark Harrison, Robert O’Neal, Ken Hunnibel and painter Victor Lara. She had first hand industry experiences through RISD, with a semester at Harvard Business School working with BMW, a summer study abroad with Nissan San Diego in Milan, she interned for the prominent Industrial Design firm Design Continuum in MA. With her student projects, Pearl won awards with Tylenol Arthritic Foundation and Dansk International, which led her to begin freelancing in design while at RISD. The design education she received and the experiences she accumulated propelled and fast tracked her design career. After graduation, RISD ID professors Aidan Petrie and Stephen Lane invited Pearl to join their firm ITEM New Product Development in Providence (now Ximedica) as a junior designer, she later joined RPG in New York (The Royal Promotion Group) as a Point-of-Purchase designer. Pearl honed in on her luxury and brand related experience, with project for some of the most prestigious large brands such as Marc Jacobs, Nine West, Benefit, outfitting for retailers like Bergdorf Goodman and Sephora. She created on-point brand driven displays and remarkable projects that had had an extensive global reach. In 2003 Pearl returned to New York University to obtain her masters in Art Education. During which she privately studied with Parsons instructors for shoemaking, leather bags, couture sewing, sculpture and silversmithing, exploring the craft of handmade goods. With her love of jewelry and accessories, Pearl wanted to create her own luxury label that centers on artisan handmade pieces using the best materials. She began working with private customers, created custom made shoes and leather bags, and she began working on custom projects with craftsman in the jewelry district of New York.

In 2007, Pearl moved to Hong Kong and founded Pearl, focusing on bespoke fine jewelry and creating handmade limited edition fine jewelry collections. Since then she has brought her collections to London and was based out of both cities, while being represented by The Felicities in London 2012-2015. Pearly collections showcased on London Fashion Week runways along with regular presentations, sold at high-end boutiques, trunk shows and pop up shops, with trade fairs such as Who’s Next in Paris. Her work has been featured in top industry magazines from The Jeweller, Jewellery Focus, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and is worn by celebrities and fashion elites all over the world. Pearl Ng is a GIA Graduate Gemologist (The Gemology Institute of America) as well as a certified GIA Jewelry Designer. Pearly’s exclusive bespoke pieces emphasize on one-of-a-kind designs that speaks to the wearers’ hearts and desires. With her unusual dual background in design and gemology, Pearl brings a new point of view to tradition fine jewelry design in gold and platinum, utilizing rare and natural colored gemstones and top quality diamonds in her designs. Her vintage inspired jewelry pieces are timeless and fashionable, designed to be modern heritage pieces to be collected and treasured.

As an active member of the RISD alumni committee and for the love of her alma mater, Pearl created the limited edition “RISD rocks” ring, which is designed for all members of the RISD community. Pearly bespoke and collection pieces can be found at, at the RISD museum store RISDworks. Pearl has worked a part time lecturer for six years at Hong Kong Art School and Polytechnic University in Hong Kong; she now guest lectures in universities and organizations on luxury, branding, creativity and entrepreneurship.

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My favorite hangout at Rhode Island is Benefit Street. I purposely drank the water from the fountain, just so I will always go back, and hangout there again, hopefully running into someone I know still and have a great conversation.

My vivid memory of RISD was sawing into my finger freshman year in the wee hours of the morning, while making my Brancusi life size chess pieces for 3D class. There were bits of foam in my wound and I could see the bone in my finger. I was wandering around in shock, and Simon took me to the men’s room to wash my hand. Chad was playing a guitar and singing in the hallway still at that hour.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

My advise(s) to prospective students is to walk in with an open mind and work super hard. You have four years (or five in Architecture) of undivided attention with some of the best of the best in their respective fields. Take advantage of that. Have fun. Experiment. Many of us wish we can be there and do it all over again.

What occupies me now is creating the best I can and pushing my craft to another level higher. I love what I do and I’m busy as can be, learning to get even better every opportunity I get.

My next move is to find out where my life and my work will take me.



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