Frank Chow, Landscape Architecture ’92


Landscape Architecture 1992 | Founder, Director FRC,

Frank founded f r c, an urban design + landscape architecture studio in 2008 after being the regional creative director and principal at EDAW/ AECOM. He has been travelling and working extensively within china for the past 15 years and enjoys the being part of the changes of the country. He serves as an advisor to a number of local NGOs that assist urban-rural and education related in hk/ china. Close to almost 20 years after graduation, he finally has a chance to slow down and has his first solo photography exhibition in Shanghai recently.

My favorite hangout at Rhode Island is

fox point drawbridge, the few steps outside of BEB, college hill bookstore, there were a bunch of junkyards further away- don’t recall their names anymore…

My vivid memory of RISD is

the difference between RISD and Brown students…

I was a freshman turning sophomore in ’89 and the incident at Tiananmen Square changed my perspective at all levels…it was then I learned this English word ‘apathetic’ and I started this RISD group ‘Forum’…

Building a 1:1 installation outside of BEB for Art in Public Places

rest are all about the girls…(unfortunately!!- still very vivid)…

My advise(s) to prospective students is

1.      don’t be afraid to be a generalist (as long as you are good at it)

2.      keep reading and writing

3.      know/ learn about yourself 

What occupies me now…

keeping all sorts of things in good balance

And my next BIG MOVE

keep thinking, planning and making things happen about the next series of smaller moves…thinking more on Urban DNA from a professional standpoint, think harder on how I cam influence the art and design education system in china, and perhaps a succession plan for frc in which I can have more time to engage in fine art….and continue to learn from my two kids (3+5) on the what’s next…just enjoying the (beginning of the) ride!!

PS. also just started my blog- and is in simplified chinese only !! (


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