Donald Choi, Architecture ’80


Architecture 1980 | Managing Director, Nan Fung Development Ltd. | Email

Donald is the MD of one of the leading real estate development companys in Hong Kong. Prior to his current appointment, he is Director of Foster and Partners and later the Authorized Person of the Passenger Terminal of the Hong Kong International Airport. Donald also served as the Chairman of the Architects Registration Board of HKSAR from 2008-2010. In additional to his professional life, he also serve as Director for the German Swiss International School Foundation. Donald thinks it’s a small world after all!

My favorite hangout at Rhode Island

is the Tap Room in Memorial Hall and the soft couch of Cable Car.

My vivid memory of RISD

is Eddie, Mihai Nadin and The Breakers; Michael Hays still had red hair and St. Florian before the WWII Memorial; Machado/Silvetti’s Steps of Providence; Rare books in Athenaeum; Benefit Street autumn foliage; Inspiration and desperation from the first light into BEB after an all nighter; Sleep deprived and slept 36 hours straight after the final crit.

My advise(s) to prospective students

is RISD is the Reason I Still Dream.

What occupies me now

is Complexity and Contradiction, Venturi should learn from HK instead of Las Vegas; Kowloon walled city and HSBC Headquarters).

My next big move

is to see Hong Kong is a City of ingenious creativity and is the place to make a difference where it only takes a few to change.


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