20 Nov Exhibition walkthrough

Dear members of RISD HK,

You’re cordially invited to join the exhibition walkthrough, guided by Hilda Chan FAV 06 on Saturday 20 Nov, please find information below and RSVP today!


As an extension of the first exhibition in 2020, “Up Close – Hollywood Road II” (走近 – 荷李活道貳) takes contemporary art into the everyday environment and operation of antique galleries, creating a dialogue between past and present, arts and crafts. Jointly organised by Nan Fung Group’s “In Time Of” and MUSTHAVEKEYS, the exhibition takes place across multiple venues on Hollywood Road – Bonnie Lai Antiquities, GALLERY149, Hon Ming Gallery, and Wing Hing Co.

Exhibition walkthrough of “Up Close – Hollywood Road II"
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2021
Time: 11am – 12:30pm
Meetup spot: Man Mo Temple, Hollywood Road
Language: Cantonese / English (depends on the audience)
Capacity: 10 ppl
Format: Guided-walkthrough to the 4 antique shops on Hollywood Road near Man Mo temple
Age range: Age 12 or above (The content is children friendly, just that the shop-spaces could be a bit tight)

Limited spots available, please RSVP at risdhk@gmail.com

RISD alumni involved
Co-curator Hilda Chan (FAV 06) and artist Leelee Chan (MFA Painting 09) are both initiators of the project.
Phyllis Chan (Apparel 08)’s knitwear brand YanYan is one of the participating creative units this year.



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