Alice Zhang, Graphic Design ’06


Graphic Design 2006 | Founder, Mischmasch | Email

Alice is a graphic designer and gallery owner. She founded Mischmasch, the online artist community, in 2008 as a tool for herself and her friends to keep each other updated with their work. Mischmasch now has artists from over 55 cities and consists of a physical art gallery in Hong Kong and an online store. Alice is interested in using technology and social media to change the relationship between art, the gallery and the public. Born in China and grew up in New Zealand, Alice has lived in four continents and worked as a graphic designer in Beijing, Auckland, New York City, and London. Alice moved to Hong Kong in 2008. She has been featured in various media for her contribution to the local art scene including Milk Magazine, Harpers Bazaar HK, ATV World News, Time Out HK, and Travel+Leisure Asia.

My favorite hangout at Rhode Island…

The benches outside the Design Center, next to the river. It’s an open space so you feel a bit vulnerable sitting there…in a good way.
My vivid memory of RISD…

2 weeks before finals in senior year my friend closed her car door on my thumb, yeah the car door CLOSED ON MY THUMB. I was taken to the ER, where the nurse used something reminiscent of superglue to stick pieces of my thumb back together. I remember being in so much pain not just physically but because I almost gave up on my final project then and there. (My final project involved a lot of craft — I was making a board game — you know, cutting up cardboard with an x-acto knife and glueing things straight). So I calmed down and thought “I can’t let my degree go down the drain cos of a broken thumb, who needs a thumb anyway!" I don’t know how I did it, but I ended up finishing… Oh yeah, I made a wall of Red Bull cans in my dorm room and listened to The Prodigy on repeat, it was fun!

My advise(s) to prospective students

Try to have your portfolio ready as soon as you graduate and put your work online. If you don’t know how to build a website you can use a template or a blog.
What occupies me now

Figuring out how to use technology as a tool to help bring this thousand year old art industry to the future. Turning Mischmasch into a social e-commerce website. Figuring out how to make Chinese people have good taste. And I just got a gig as the art consultant for the third tallest building in Guangzhou…so that…and I paint sometimes.
My next big move

I think Hong Kong is a nice doorstep to a really big house.