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Dear member & alumni,

Since 2010, RISD Hong Kong Alumni Association(美國羅德島設計學院香港同學會)strives to maintain a close relationship with Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), exchange the latest news between RISD and RISD HK, strengthen the relationship and cohesion among alumni and students, and encourage their participation in events and activities organized by RISD HK; and facilitate academic and cultural exchanges, and build up networks with art and design-related parties in Hong Kong.


Support RISD:

  • Presence in Hong Kong – visibility, contact point

  • Host visiting – administration, Prof. & alumni

  • Support Students – incoming freshman & current students

Benefits for Member:

  • Be a part of RISD HK powerful social networks

  • Special rates on lecture, professional training and workshops

  • Talent exposure

Membership Fee

  • HK$500 for biennial

  • HK$5,000 for lifetime

To apply, please fill in the attached Membership Application Form and send back to us with bank receipt together. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

RISD HK Membership Application Form

RISD Hong Kong Alumni Association Secretariat

T: +852 3525 9570